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Private Lending – A Rewarding and Reliable Investment
Up to 8% P.A, Monthly Payments, Secured First Mortgages, 20 Years Proven Experience

Are you looking for an investment opportunity that delivers consistent returns, diversification, capital preservation and minimal risk?

Have you considered private lending through a pooled mortgage managed fund?

With the tightening of lending criteria with the banks, along with lengthy approval processes, property developers are finding it harder to obtain funding through these traditional lenders. Due to this, more developers are searching for alternative funding means, resulting in opportunities for private lenders.

Private lending provides a capital stable investment that delivers solid and reliable returns for investors and flexible non-bank funding solutions for borrowers.

The Link Mortgage Managed Investment Scheme

At Link Capital, we offer a pooled Link Mortgage Managed Investment Scheme, led by industry expert Max Bratton.

The Link Mortgage Managed Investment Scheme provides investors with the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio and generate wealth through consistent monthly returns. Our return rates range up to 8% PA, with all loans secured by registered first-mortgage, focussing on capital preservation.

Pooling your capital with others, and having the fund managed by expert fund managers, presents an attractive passive investment. The risk is spread across a varied pool of borrowers and locations and enables access to investments that may not be obtainable as an individual investor.

We bring a commitment to ethical and responsible lending. We assess all loan applications based on their individual merits. Conducting extensive due diligence mitigates risk for our investors and ensures smart investment decisions.

The Benefits of Investing in Private Lending with Link Capital

  • Capital stable investment with attractive returns – The Link Mortgage Managed Investment Scheme is a low volatility investment with a focus on capital preservation. All first mortgage security investments hold a fixed interest rate for the length of the loan, with 12 months interest collected in advance. Link Capital delivers reliable and consistent returns – which are higher than traditional fixed interest alternatives.
  • Diversification – Pooling funds allows for greater diversification on your investments. Providing access to a variety of borrowers, locations and security.
  • Reinvest Option – Income returns are paid monthly, or investors can take advantage of compounding. Reinvesting your fund’s distributions can greatly increase your investment returns.
  • Expertly Managed – The Link Capital team has extensive experience in credit lending. We conduct thorough market research, assess each loan application on its individual merits, conducting due diligence and responsible lending practices. All ongoing legal and administrative duties are professionally managed, and interest collected is passed on to our investors. Through our knowledge, expertise, transparent communication and exceptional service, Link Capital is quickly progressing to be a leading private lender in Australia.

Find Out More

You can find out further information through our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and our Target Market Determination (TMD).

For a low-stress passive investment opportunity, managed by expert investment managers on your behalf, contact Link Capital today on 08 8312 5960.

Please note

Link Capital is not a bank and investing in the Link Mortgage Managed Investment Scheme is not classed as a bank deposit. Private lending is subject to general investment risk, with a possibility of losing part or all of your invested capital. Should you request to withdraw your investment, the return of your capital will be dependent on the availability of liquid assets in the Investment Account and that the borrowers have made the appropriate loan repayments. The income return rates are not guaranteed and may be lower than expected from time to time, as they are ascertained by future revenue.

To ensure that investing in the Link Mortgage Managed Investment Scheme is the right investment choice for you, we highly recommend that you read our Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination.