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Adelaide Private Lender – Reliable Returns, Fast Loan Approvals

Link Capital is a private lender in Adelaide, South Australia, servicing Australia wide. Our fund managers have extensive experience in the banking industry and operate with integrity, skill and expertise.

Through the Link Mortgage Fund, we provide first-mortgage security and a timely loan approval process; offering a solution to property developers when they’re unable to meet the guidelines of a traditional lender.

As an investor, you have the benefit of a qualified investment professional managing your money, enabling a reliable income return with a low risk to your principal.

What is the Link Mortgage Managed Fund?

Through the Link Mortgage Fund, money is pooled together from a variety of investors and managed and invested into secured first-mortgage loans by our highly knowledgeable fund managers. Pooling your money with a group of investors allows access to a wider range of investments that may be unattainable as an individual investor.

Link Capital provides a hassle-free investment choice for investors wanting a passive income opportunity. Through the Link Mortgage Fund, investors receive consistent returns with a focus on capital preservation.

We carry out thorough research of the market and investment options through our non-banking financial solution, to establish smart and flexible loans for developers.

The Process

Since APRA tightened credit policies with the banks, developers are finding it harder to gain finance approval with the new stringent requirements in place. Through responsible lending practices and first-mortgage security, Link Capital can provide property developers with an alternative funding solution.

Our non-bank financial service raises money through private investors. We can approve and settle loans quickly and can often customise loan terms to suit borrowers’ requirements.

To safeguard our investors, our experienced mortgage team evaluates each loan application to ensure that we’re confident and content with the development (and the developer) to satisfy a secure investment.

Our mortgage team is extremely proficient in assessing the eligibility of borrowers, along with structuring terms and managing the loans.

Participants in the Link Mortgage Fund receive attractive returns, with regular income distributions paid monthly, or reinvested, at rates ranging up to 8% PA.

The Right Loan, Simplified

At Link Capital, we understand that every situation is different, and we assess each loan on its individual merits. The stricter requirements now used by the major banks may leave many unable to obtain finance. The same policies do not apply when utilising the service of a private lender. Link Capital offers a less complex process to secure the right funding solution for your development project.

At all times, Link Capital acts with integrity, providing exceptional service and transparent communication with our borrowers, investors and partners to build strong relationships and ensure satisfactory outcomes for all.

To find out more about the Link Mortgage Fund please download our Product Disclosure Statement or contact us on 08 8312 5960.

Meet the team

Link Capital is managed by Max Bratton and Rick Kapperer. Both investment experts have a broad range of expertise across the banking and finance industries, including construction and development funding.

Please see more in their personal profiles below:

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