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Experienced Private Lenders.

Responsible Lending. Attractive Returns.

Through our committed and qualified team, led by Max Bratton and Rick Kapperer, Link Capital holds strong foundations built on a wealth of knowledge, confidence, integrity and expertise.

Link Capital is a private lender offering a flexible and rewarding passive investment opportunity. Our proactive approach to lending solutions allows for a quick approval process with transparent communication, backed by decades of experience.

Pooled Managed Fund – Diversify your Portfolio

The pooled Link Mortgage Managed Investment Scheme offers first mortgage security and competitive rates.

As an investor, you have the opportunity to diversify your investments and generate a stable and consistent income whilst maintaining capital. Our return rates range up to 8% with your interest paid monthly or reinvested.

As a borrower, the purpose of our private lending service is to assist you where a traditional lender cannot. We understand your unique requirements and we specialise in providing property developers with an alternative funding solution.

Our ethical private lenders possess in-depth industry knowledge and a dedication to innovative and diversified fund strategies. As a result of our superior service and responsible lending practices, Link Capital is quickly becoming one of Australia’s leading providers for non-banking financial options.

As an investor or as a borrower, you will benefit from Link Capital. We simplify the process to secure a tailored loan and a capital-stable investment.

Find out more about investing in your future with Link Capital through our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or by contacting our experienced lending team on 08 8312 5960.

Why Link Capital?

Exceptional Service

We provide first-class service, creating wealth for our investors and borrowers, backed by decades of experience.

Fast Approvals

We offer a flexible approach to lending, delivering tailored alternative funding solutions with quick turnaround times.

Straightforward & Rewarding

A simplified process of investing, delivering solid monthly returns while preserving underlying capital is our aim.

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